Renaissance Rumble is hosting a fantastic list of all star instructors details of them and their classes can be found by clicking the link below or following the drop down menu above.


Keith Farrel (Academy of Historic Arts)

Fran Terminiello (School of the Sword)

Piermarco Terminiello (School of the Sword)

Steph West (The 1595 Club)

Rob Runacres (The Renaissance Sword Club)

Jo Wimbourne (Virtus Sword School)

Jay Maxwell (Tempus Fugitives)

Robyn Saul (London Historical Fencing Club)

Chris Hartley (School of the Sword)

Lynette Nusbacher (School of the Sword)

Joshua R Bradshaw (Southampton Historical Fencing)

Daniel Jones (Virtus Sword School)

More instructors to be announced!